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Sale and Purchase of Residential Real Estate

We introduce various type of properties such as apartments(condos), houses and residential rental properties in the Tokyo and Kanagawa areas in accordance with your life plans.
In addition, we consider residential real estate to be one of the best investment option (asset building), making proposals from an investment perspective is a feature and strength of our company.

Purchase of Income-producing Real Estate

We purchase under-utilized and underperforming real estate with the aim of improving revenue and asset value and providing investors with quality income-producing real estate. With the strength of a company specializing in income-producing real estate, we can meet the needs of owners who wish to sell their properties quickly.

Sale of Income-producing Real Estate

We sell income-producing real estate with high profitability and asset value by carefully examining and selecting from a large amount of information. We offer a wide selection of properties, mainly apartment blocks, whole building apartments(condos), and office buildings in central Tokyo.

Real Estate Business for Non-Japanese Nationals

We respond to a wide range of needs of overseas investors and corporations that are highly interested in Japanese real estate, including investment properties, and properties that can be used for second homes and vacation rentals. Our experienced staff will provide full support from the purchase to the management of the properties, in cooperation with overseas tax professionals and legal experts.

Corporate Outline

Company Name Plan B・Estate Inc.
Address Kawabe Building 701, Isezakicho 4-108-1, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
License Real Estate License/Grovemor of Kanagawa:(1)No.30205
Tel +81-45-315-7604
Fax +81-50-3588-8156