Our Strength


Investment properties including whole building apartments(condos) and apartment blocks, as well as properties for residential use like apartments(condos), houses, and rentals.


Investment properties: Tokyo and other areas in Japan
Residential properties: Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture

Strength #1Concerning stable asset formation for our customers is our first priority

The purpose of purchasing an investment property in most cases is building asset. However, residential real estate is also considered to be one of the best investment option.
There are various advantages such as financing at low interest rates when purchasing a house, and tax benefits when selling. By taking advantage of these benefits, a comfortable living environment and asset building can be realized.

Strength #2Professionals with rich experience and knowledge

With a considerable amount of information and a proven track record, our excellent professionals of English speakers strive to provide comprehensive support services, including financial support at the time of property purchase, and renovation and tax issues after purchase.

Strength #3Lots of unreleased real estate information

Lots of unreleased property information acquired from not only our competitors, but also from our own routes including lawyers, servicers, and financial institutions are available.